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Our laboratory consist of several section with members from a variety of backgrounds including medicine, life sciences, engineering, pharmacy, linguistics, pedagogy and the arts, all working together on a wide range of brain science studies from brain dynamics to functional brain imaging research.

Focusing on functional brain imaging and social technology. In functional brain imaging research, our interest is the “human mind” where we elucidate the neural underpinnings of cognitive functions, such as perception, memory, motor, linguistic and emotional processes, to reveal the mechanism of the mind that survives the complicated physical and social environment around us. In social technology research, we approach education and social welfare from the viewpoint of brain science in order to improve and maintain brain functions of not only the elderly, but to better foster the healthy development in children. Focusing on how the brain develops and matures in healthy children, as well as children with cognitive impairment(s) from the perspective of brain structures and functions using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in relation to their lifestyle.

Established to advance research and development of methods and technologies for decoding human mental states with the purpose of enhancing our daily life. We achieve our goals by combining multimodal measurements of functional brain activities, eye-related signals, autonomous nervous indices, physical motions, and verbal activities.