All the products and systems relating to our daily life are perceived as stimuli by the senses, such as vision, hearing, touch, and so forth, and recognized as meaningful and connected to our actions or ideas. In this study, in cooperation with industries and universities, we evaluate the impact of the use of their products and systems on the human brain through scientific instrumentation centering on functional brain imaging. Through psychological experiments, we will study how to apply our findings to the development of new products.

By making our functional brain imaging technologies easily available to companies, we aim at creating a society where companies are aware of the impact that their products and systems have on the brain, and disclose these information to consumers so that they can enhance the safety of their products and systems as well as increase their added value. We believe that the scientific evaluation of such impact on the brain, particularly in the case of teaching or play materials and software for children, is indispensable, and we provide necessary information so that our proposed “human brain engineering” serves as the industry standard.

For Industries

If you are interested in the industry-university cooperative activities with our laboratory, please contact the consultation services of Tohoku University Cooperative Research and Development.

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Performance of the Industry-University Cooperation (since 2006) includes:

Sendai Television Inc.
Mainichi Broadcasting Systems Inc.
Shogakukan Inc.
Kumon Educational Japan Co. Ltd.
Osaka Gas Co. Ltd.
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd.
Ricoh Company Ltd.
CSK Institute of Sustainability Ltd.
Segatoys Company Ltd.
Bandai Boys Toy
BandaiNamco Games AM Company
BandaiNamco Games WMC Company
Casio Computer Co. Ltd.
Nihon Gakko Tosho
Via Holdings Inc.
Yui-System Studio Co. Ltd.
Sejoong Namo Co. Ltd.
Nihon Kiin
The Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc.
NPO Life Management Center.