Ryuta Kawashima


Director & Professor Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Assistant Professor Shigeyuki IKEDA

The Department of Ubiquitous Sensing was newly established to advance research and development of methods and technologies for decoding human mental states with the purpose of enhancing our daily life. We achieve our goals by combining multimodal measurements of functional brain activities, eye-related signals, autonomous nervous indices, physical motions, and verbal activities. Then, the decoded human internal states are evaluated and made sensible (visualization/sonification), and applied to various fields such as learning, creative communication, mental health, and safety assurance.

Our department also develops technologies to decode one’s state of mind, such as attention, mood, motivation, and understanding, based on the latest neuroimaging methods that are currently available to us. Furthermore, we extend technologies to researches in cognitive functions in daily life and social interactions. Simultaneous measurement of multiple brain functions enable us to evaluate interaction and resonance among neural activities of individuals, leading to the development of communication-enhancing methods and designs.

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Screenshot (154)