IDAC’s world renowned research facilities are spread across three buildings and divided into seven divisions. Within these division are a total of twenty-two laboratories collaborating with one another to achieve “smart-aging”. In addition, IDAC has three special facilities within the institute: the Cell Resource Center for Biomedical Research, the Smart Aging Research Center (S.A.R.C.) and the Pre-Clinical Research Center.

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Division of Aging Science

Dept. Gene Expression Regulation Hozumi MOTOHASHI
Dept. Experimental Immunology Toshiyuki TAKAI
Dept. Immunobiology Koetsu OGASAWARA
Dept. Molecular and Cellular Biology Hisanori HORIUCHI
Dept. Metabolic Bioregulation
Dept. Modomics Biology and Medicine Fan-Yan WEI
Dept. Project Programs Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Dept. In Silico Kengo KINOSHITA


Division of Cancer Science

Dept. Vascular Biology Yasufumi SATO
Dept. Molecular Oncology Kozo TANAKA
Dept. Cancer Biology Natsuko CHIBA
Dept. Clinical Oncology Chikashi ISHIOKA
Dept. Thoracic Surgery Yoshinori OKADA


Division of Brain Science

Dept. Developmental Neurobiology Toshihiko OGURA
Dept. Functional Brain Imaging Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Dept. Human Brain Science Motoaki SUGIURA
Dept. Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Yasuyuki TAKI
Dept. Geriatrics and Gerontology Hiroyuki ARAI
Dept. Cognitive Health Science Ryuta KAWASHIMA


Division of Cognitive Neuroscience

Div. Cognitive Neuroscience Ryuta KAWASHIMA


Cell Resource Center for Biological Research

The purpose of the Cell Resource Center for Biomedical Research is the collection, establishment, quality control, distribution of useful cell lines, and the construction of an extensive database for researchers worldwide.

Cell Resource Center for Biomedical Research Yasuhisa MATSUI


Pre-Clinical Research Center

The Pre-Clinical Research Center’s main purpose is to determine the safety and effectiveness of devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens that may be used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases before any clinical trials begin.

Dept. Pre-Clinical Evaluation Tomoyuki YAMBE
Dept. Medical Engineering and Cardiology Tomoyuki YAMBE
Dept. Ubiquitous Sensing Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Dept. Biomedical Measurements Yoshifumi SAIJO
Dept. Respiratory Engineering Yoshinori OKADA