“Impact of videogame play on the brain’s microstructural properties: cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses.”

Prolonged videogame play (VGP) in children may directly or indirectly delay the development of the microstructure in extensive brain regions and their verbal intelligence. We used MRI to attain microstructural properties of healthy children to reveal the impact of VGP on children’s brain and cognition.
Through cross-sectional and longitudinal prospective analyses, we found that prolonged VGP has obvious effects on the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia and hippocampus of brain and higher cognitive function. This has obvious impacts on the development of children and can affect their motivation, attention, sleep, learning, knowledge and so forth.
The results were so ground-breaking, they were published in the American Psychiatric Journal of Molecular Psychiatry.


Hikari Takeuchi
Associate Professor, IDAC
Field: Cognitive Development