“You’ll never know what’s around the corner if you don’t look!

Professor Kozo Tanaka 

Field: Molecular Oncology
Hometown: Kagoshima Prefecture
Hobbies: Strolling with daughter, Historical novels, and Breeding killifish

Kitayama neighborhood: you’ll never know what’s around the corner if you don’t make an effort to find out! Comparing Sendai’s map with one from 100 years ago, not much has really changed, especially where shrines and temples are found. Even around IDAC, many intricate narrow roads still remain, waiting to be discovered.

Just around sunset when I feel my mind is over-worked, I take a quick stroll outside near the institute. Walking around, I suddenly feel nostalgic and a sense of déjà-vu overwhelms me. The change in perspective and pace is perfect to refresh my mind as well.

When I look back to the days I spent at Hiroshima University, I remember the scenery of the city from Hijiyama mountain. Even more so was the time I spent studying overseas in Scotland. The majestic images of hilltops and the surrounding stone houses are still burned into my eyes; even to this day, it’s hard to forget.

Here in Sendai, there’s an area called “Kitayama”, and this place is definitely never short of attractions waiting to be discovered. As you walk around, you can see how old waterways have dried up and transformed into natural paths. Just when you thought the wide roads come to a dead end, you’ll be surprised to find that a small road will appear that leads to a totally different place…

It’s like doing research, just when you think you’ve hit a dead end and can’t go on any longer, you suddenly discover something totally new again!