Secretariat, Alumni Association, IDAC
Date Thursday, 6 June 2024, 15:00~
Room Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, 7th floor, Seminar Room 1
Title A long non-coding enhancerRNA forms DNA:RNA hybrid R-loops to shape emotional experience-induced behavioral adaptation.
Speaker TANIGUCHI Makoto
Affiliation Medical University of South Carolina, USA
Organizer Fan-Yan Wei (Dept. Modomics Biology and Medicine, ext 8562)
Abstract Emotional experiences often evoke neural plasticity that supports adaptive changes in behavior, including maladaptive plasticity associated with mood and substance use disorders. These adaptations are supported in part by experience-dependent activation of immediate-early response genes, such as Npas4. We discovered that a conserved, long non-coding enhancer RNA (lnc-eRNA) transcribed from an activity-sensitive enhancer produces RNA:DNA hybrid R-loop structures that support 3D chromatin-looping of the enhancer and proximal promoter and stimulus-induced, rapid Npas4 gene induction. We also show that this Npas4 lnc-eRNA is required for the development of behavioral adaptations produced by chronic psychosocial stress or cocaine exposure, revealing a critical role for this new genomic regulatory mechanism in the transmission of emotional experiences, such as stress or drug use, to adaptive behavioral responses.