Professor Yoshinori OKADA
Associate Professor Masafumi NODA
Associate Professor Junichi FUNAHASHI
Senior Assistant Professor (Additional) Hiromichi NIIKAWA, Doctor of Medicine (Hospital)
Senior Assistant Professor (Additional) Hisashi OISHI, Medical Doctor (Hospital)
Senior Assistant Professor (Additional) Takashi HIRAMA, Medical Doctor (Hospital)
Assistant Professor (Additional) Takaya SUZUKI, Medical Doctor (Hospital)
Assistant Professor (Additional) Hirotsugu NOTSUDA, Medical Doctor (Hospital)
Assistant Professor (Additional) Yui WATANABE, Medical Doctor (Hospital)
Assistant Professor (Additional) Tatsuaki WATANABE, Medical Doctor (Hospital)

The Department of Thoracic Surgery has had a long and proud history of innovative professors and doctors since 1950, when it was first called the Department of Surgery at the Research Institute for Tuberculosis and Leprosy. In 1993, the department was reorganized as the Department of Thoracic Surgery. Our facility continues to do our best for researches in the fields of lung cancer, lung transplantation and lung regeneration, as well as clinical research at the Tohoku University Hospital.

Research Topics:
•Lung transplantation, lung preservation, rejection and denervation physiology.
•Early detection of lung cancers and assessment of lung cancer mass screening.
•Molecular biological approach for carcinogenesis of lung cancers.
•Investigation of the mechanism and treatment of ARDS and hypoxia-induced lung injury, including interaction, adhesion and signaling between neutrophil and endothelial cells.
•Cellular and molecular functional assessment of alveolar lining cells.
•Surgical treatment for chest diseases, including lung cancer and mediastinal tumor.
•Minimum invasive thoracic surgery (ie: thoracoscopic surgery).

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Screenshot (154)