Professor Yoshinori OKADA

The Department of Respiratory Engineering was first established in the Pre-Clinical Research Center of IDAC in April 2015 as one of the 4 departments of the Institute. The purpose of this department is to improve the quality of life and the survivability of patients with respiratory failure by promoting lung transplantation, developing new devices utilized in lung transplant surgery, and creating new devices and therapeutic modality. The three research areas of this department are: the Development of new devices for prolonged lung preservation, the Development of new cardiopulmonary support systems without anti-coagulation therapy, and finally, the Elucidating mechanisms of dyspnea.

Research Topics:
• Development of devices to promote long term lung preservation
• Development of anti-clotting drugs and heart-lung assist devices.
• The use of physiological mechanisms to elucidate breathing difficulties.
Jan. 2023 ~ Dec. 2023
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