Director & Professor Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Associate Professor Hikaru TAKEUCHI
Assistant Professor Teruo HASHIMOTO
Assistant Professor Yutaka MATSUZAKI

The Division of Cognitive Neuroscience focuses on how the brain develops and matures in healthy children, as well as children with cognitive impairment(s) from the perspective of brain structures and functions using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in relation to their lifestyle. We have already discovered that several lifestyle choices, such as sleeping habits and breakfast staples, affect the volume of gray matter and some cognitive functions in healthy children.

We are now performing longitudinal studies for brain development by not only collecting brain MRI, but also genetic factors from both healthy children and those with cognitive impairment(s). We believe our investigations will help to clarify the mechanisms of brain development and provide early diagnosis for several disorders such as autistic spectrum disorders, and to also develop new teaching and learning systems for children.

Research Topics
•R&D for methods to maintain and improve brain and mental health.
•Neurosocial-economics research.
•Cognitive scientific research on inter-generational exchanges.
•Decoding of one’s mind by neuroimaging techiniques.
•Researches on resonance of individuals’ brain functions.

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