Professor Toshihiko OGURA, MD, PhD
Senior Assistant Professor Ken MATSUMOTO
Assistant Professor Atsushi KUBO

The Department of Developmental Neurobiology recognizes that the most important progress in the fields of modern biology and medicine is the complete sequencing and decoding of genomes of several animals, including humans. Processing vast amounts of genetic information efficiently makes it possible to retrieve data and perform in silico analyses. Using this approach, we now find ourselves at a doorway to an unexplored world of biology.

Moreover, comparative analyses of genetic information could be a powerful tool to identify new genes that play essential roles during embryogenesis. Exploiting these approaches, we aim to reveal the common and universal sets of genetic programs that govern the pattern formation of vertebrate embryos, especially in the field of developmental neurobiology. Finally, we want to explore possible answers to one of the most essential questions: how does our human brain develop complex and distinct neural networks, and how human beings have evolved.

Research Topics:
•Mechanical regulation of cardiac development and circulatory homeostasis.
•Mechanical regulation of metabolism.
•Development of exercise pills to fight against obesity and diabetes.
•Establishment of quantitative developmental biology by new luminescence imaging technology.

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