Professor Tomoyuki YAMBE
Professor (Additional) Yoshifumi SAIJO
Associate Professor Yasuyuki SHIRAISHI
Assistant Professor Francis Chewe CHIKWETO, Doctor of Medical Engineering

The Department of Medical Engineering and Cardiology aims to develop new diagnosis tools and therapeutic devices such as the artificial heart, ventricular assist device, and various artificial organs by using new technology from the Bio Medical engineering field. Our laboratory focuses on future biomedical engineering based on Bio-Nano technology and we are also a member of the Global COE program and the Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Education and Research Network Centre. Currently, various projects such as the Nano Artificial Myocardium, Artificial Sphincter, and Regenerative Medicine are underway, and based on our long list achievements, we have been developing remote Medical information devices with several companies such as Sony, Wilcome, Fukuda, Omron, Honda and Net-one systems.

Research Topics:
•Artificial heart development.
•Clinical research in Cardiology.
•Ventricular assist device development and implantation.
•Artificial esophagus where one is able to drink fluids.
•Artificial sphincter.

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Screenshot (154)