Professor Toshiyuki TAKAI, PhD
Senior Assistant Professor Masanori INUI, PhD
Guest Instructor Akira NAKAMURA, MD, PhD (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University)
Guest Instructor Motoko MORIMOTO, DVM, PhD (Miyagi University)
Guest Instructor Yuzuru SAKAMOTO, PhD (Tohoku Gakuin University)
Assistant Professor Ari ITOH-NAKADAI, PhD
Technical Assistant Akiko TOBINAI
Secretarial Assistant Takako NAKAMURA

The Department of Experimental Immunology focuses on Immunoregulation by Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors (IgLRs). We are developing the research for overcoming immune diseases through the investigation of physiological roles of inhibitory receptors, such as FcγRIIB and PIR-B.

Research Topics:
•Regulatory mechanisms of immune cell development and autoantibody production by immunoreceptor signaling.
•Functional network of immunoregulatory receptors expressed on B-cells and their dynamics on the cell surface and in the intracellular compartments.
•Modulation of effector T-cells participating in transplantation and tumor immunity through enhancement of regulatory receptor-mediated functions.
•Development of animal models for allergy and autoimmune diseases and their utilization for delineation of novel therapeutic tools and procedures.
•Evaluation techniques of disease susceptibilities by bio-informatics profiling of natural antibodies in sera.

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Screenshot (154)