Professor Yasuhisa MATSUI
Assistant Professor Yohe HAYASHI
Assistant Professor Yukiko TANDO
Technical Staff Ikue AIHARA
Technical Assistant Fujimi KOIZUMI

1. Cell Bank
The purpose of the Cell Resource Center for Biomedical Research is the collection, establishment, quality control, distribution of useful cell lines, and construction of database for researchers. The cell lines include transplantable animal cell lines, such as Yoshida sarcoma and rat ascites hepatoma (AH series) cell lines as well as human, murine cell lines and hybridoma cells. The Cell Line Catalog is available on the web site (

2. Research Interest
Our goal is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of germ cell differentiation and development, and to uncover the mechanisms by which they transmit both genetic and epigenetic information to successive generations. We are especially interested in understanding the epigenetic and metabolic changes that germ cells undergo during their differentiation and their roles. We also explore how various maternal environmental factors including nutritional conditions and chemical compounds affect metabolic and epigenetic status in fetal germ cells and subsequent germ cell development as well as health conditions of individuals of next generation. The photo shows nascent primordial germ cells (green) in an early gastrulating mouse embryo.