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IDAC is Japan’s Center for Smart-Aging Research. We are a unique institute that is part of Tohoku University and we are affiliated with other national universities that also promote aging sciences.


It is a well-known fact that Japan’s population is aging faster than any other country in the world, and the need for aging research is becoming greater each day. Currently, the elderly make up more than 25% of the population, and in addition to the decline in birthrate, there is also a decline in the working population. In order to maintain a healthy society, it is clear that urgent measures must be taken to support an aging population.


The purpose of our institute is to shed light on the basic mechanisms of aging and to control age-related diseases, such as dementia and intractable cancers. To achieve our goals, we promote research under 3 main groups: (1) molecular mechanisms of aging and the self defense system, (2) molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis and cancer growth, and (3) brain maturation and aging. IDAC is one of the very few research institutes in the world that manages comprehensive multi-hierarchical medical research to focus on the complex mechanism of aging, by methods ranging from studying genes and cells using molecular biology techniques to directly studying people.


Specifically, our ultimate goal is to realize “smart-aging”, which refers to the development and maturation of individual abilities as one gets older, where everyone can welcome old age with liveliness and continue to be an active part of society. To make this possible, our goal is to provide medical support and policies as well as becoming a leading research center by showing the world that we can effectively manage a super-aging society. As time passes, it is critical for individuals and the population as a whole to remain healthy and continue to have the vitality for growth and wisdom.


We call this approach “SMART-AGING”.


-Ryuta KAWASHIMA, MD, Director of IDAC