Secretariat, Alumni Association, IDAC
Date Friday, 22 -2 February 2019, 17:00~
Room 7th Floor, Seminar Room 1, IDAC’s Center for Basic Aging Research
Title Understanding of the immune system based on information of cellular movement by using Kaede. mice
Speaker Michio Tomura
Affiliation Laboratory of Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy Osaka Ohtani University
Organizer Koyu Ito (Department of Immunobiology・ext 8579)
Abstract Recently, the importance of regulatory T cells (Tregs) that existed in peripheral tissues (such as skin and gut in maintenance of immune homeostasis) has been explored; however, changes of their movement, phenotype, heterogeneity, and function in the steady state and during inflammation, and their correlations remain unknown. Mouse lines expressing photoconvertible protein “Kaede” or “KikGR” allow us to track immune cell movement in the whole body by marking cells as red in color by exposure to violet light (PNAS 2008, Sci Rep 2014).
Here, I will introduce lymphocyte re-circulation, cellular dynamics of Tregs and dendritic cells that migrated from peripheral tissues, high functional Tregs that express multiple immunoinhibitory molecules that existed in inflamed skin and draining LN defined by combination of single cell gene expression analysis (Sci Rep 2016), and Tregs migrated from inflamed colon to dLN (Mucosal Immunol 2018).