Secretariat, Alumni Association, IDAC
Date Thursday, January 18, 2018 (17:00 – onward)
Room 7th Floor, Seminar Room 1, Center for Basic Aging Research, IDAC
Title Amyloid Detection on MRI and Its Point of Issue.
Speaker Tetsuya YONEDA
Affiliation Department of Medical Physics in Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Kumamoto University
Organizer Yasuko Tatewaki (Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology・ext 8559)
Abstract It is highly expected a development and implementation of amyloid-beta (Ab) detection on MRI for clinical and preventive assessment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). To realize this, iron in the Ab is a key to detect Ab because of its strong magnetism. The magnetisms of biological materials such as iron in the Ab effectively influence the signal of T2WI, T2*WI and phase image. Among them, Phase signal is the most sensitive signal of MRI, and therefore, we may reasonably expect Ab is to be detected on phase image. In this seminar, recent works to detect Ab on MRI with various methods are to be introduced, and we discuss a phase imaging technique so called Phase Difference Enhance Imaging (PADRE) for high accurate Ab detection and point of issue of future application for AD image diagnosis.