2nd Symposium on Dementia Prevention 2017

The 2nd Symposium on Dementia Prevention will be held at the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer (IDAC) on March 10th (Friday), from 9:30 AM – 12:40 PM at the Smart-Aging International Conference Room (1st floor, Smart-Aging Building).


We need strategic planning and development of research to improve our understanding of opportunities for the prevention of dementia. The 2nd symposium will focus on the foundations and priorities that are in needed to develop and implement better dementia plans across all fields of study, as there is no other disease that has such a profound effect on loss of function, loss of independence, and the urgent need for care. Dementia is a disease so deeply dreaded by anyone who wants to age gracefully, with dignity.

“Please join us for our 2nd symposium this year to find more and better ways to develop breakthrough discoveries and to find a cure through local and global collaborations.”
Ryuta Kawashima

Dementia places such a heavy burden on families, communities, and societies. Smart-aging comes hand in hand to fight dementia and S.A.R.C.’s 2nd symposium will cover priority topics that will pave the way to find innovative ways to fight this disease.

The Agenda:
09:30 Opening Remarks by Sadayoshi Ito (Executive Vice President for Research)

09:40 Progress and strategic planning of S.A.R.C.’s priority bases by Executive Director Ryuta Kawashima

09:50 Lecture 1: Preventive Prediction Medical Research Division

10:20 Lecture 2: Aging Economic and Social Research Division

10:50 Lecture 3: Human Welfare Engineering Research Division

11:20 BREAK

11:30 Lecture 4: Biological Defense System Research Division

12:00 Lecture 5: Cognitive Brain Function Department

12:30 Closing Remarks by Co-Deputy Director Yasuyuki Taki