7th Symposium on Dementia Prevention 2019

S.A.R.C.’s 7th Symposium on Dementia Prevention will be held at IDAC on September 27, (Friday), from 1:00 PM – 4:10 PM at the Smart-Aging International Conference Room.

“Tohoku University’s Smart-Aging Research Center (S.A.R.C.) was established in 2017 to focus on promoting research that is aimed at realizing healthy longevity by conducting research for the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases such as dementia using a multi-tier approach from basic research to medical, ergonomics and social science. Furthermore, S.A.R.C. conducts interdisciplinary activities not only in basic research, but also in social implementation through industry-academic collaborations and ventures.”
Ryuta Kawashima

In this symposium, four lectures will take place from up and coming researchers that are actively involved in basic research from various life science fields, both locally and globally, with a focus on providing practical applications for a better and healthier society.

For more details, please see the poster below:

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