Social systems for smart aging.

Time Table of Events:

Activity Speaker Affiliation Subject Chair

Session 5: Social Systems for Smart Aging

8:45 ~ 9:45 AM
Discussion 14
Hiroshi Kabashima
Graduate School of Law
Tohoku University
Imagining a Smart Aging Society from a Legal and Political Perspective – in view to insurance system.
Joe Vergheses
9:45 ~ 10:45 AM
Discussion 15
Hiroyuki Murata
Tohoku University
Active aging business creates Smart Aging society for next generation.
Joe Vergheses
10:45 ~ 11:00 AM
11:00 ~ 12:00 PM
Discussion 16
Noora Jansson
Business Oulu
Ecosystem perspective to healthcare innovation – Learnings from Northern Finland.
Joe Vergheses
12:00 ~
– CLOSING REMARKS by Professor Motoaki Sugiura –

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