Brain image database

Here, we conduct research on development and aging of the human brain using our MRI database of 2,700 healthy Japanese people (6-80 years old). We are accumulating data on Wistar-type rat brain MR images by using a high-resolution 7T-MRI device for small animals.
click-here Brain Image Database

Database on Thorotrast Patients in Japan

A database for thorotrast disease in Japan.
click-here Thorotrast Patient Database

Cell Line Catalog

A comprehensive catalog of cells that are kept at IDAC’s Cell Resource Center.
click-here Cell Line Catalog

List of the transplantable carcinoma cells available in Japan

The purpose of the Cell Resource Center for Biomedical Research, Cell Bank is the collection, establishment, quality control, distribution of useful cell lines, and construction of database for researchers.
click-here Transplantable Carcinoma Cells List