Director & Professor Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Visiting Professor Manabu FUKUMOTO
Assistant Professor Masatoshi SUZUKI

The Department of Pathology is involved in the analysis of cancer specific changes of genes and proteins in order to target cancer cells. Our final goal is to establish therapeutic pathology through comprehensive study of cancer from the molecular level to that of cell-to-cell interaction and cell-to-integrated human body interaction. Our main research focuses on six main subjects, namely: 1) Molecular pathological analysis of human cancers induced by internally deposited radionuclides, especially by Thorotrast, 2) Establishment and molecular analysis of clinically relevant radioresistant cells, 3) Molecular analysis of acquired radioresistance induced by fractionated radiation, 4) Cross-resistance between radiotherapy and chemotherapy, 5) Quantification of morphological data and mathematical simulation of diseases, and finally 6) Upbringing of certified pathologists.

Research Topics
•Development of a more effective cancer therapy.
•Analysis of clinically relevant radio resistance of cancer cells.
•Molecular diagnosis of human cancers.
•Quantification and mathematical simulation of morphological changes.
•Analysis of molecular changes behind pathological states.