Nobukazu Nakasato


Professor Nobukazu NAKASATO
Associate Professor Kazutaka JIN
Senior Assistant Professor Yosuke KAKISAKA
Assistant Professor Mayu FUJIKAWA

The Department of Electromagnetic Neurophysiology was founded in May 2010 as a research facility that is part of the Smart Aging International Research Center (SAIRC). Our missions are to investigate brain physiology through electromagnetic measurements and stimulation, to develop the electromagnetic tools for research and medicine, and to promote clinical applications of electromagnetic neurophysiology. We achieve our goals through four representative methods of electromagnetic neurophysiology: 1) electroencephalography (EEG), 2) magneto encephalography (MEG), 3) electrical brain stimulation, and 4) magnetic brain stimulation. Our facility welcomes highly motivated young researchers and physicians as our goal is to expand the previous concept of “electrophysiology” into “electromagnetophysiology.”

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