Symposium on Dementia Prevention 2016

Symposium of Dementia Prevention will be held at the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer (IDAC) on October 12th (Wednesday), from 13:00 – 16:00 at the Smart-Aging International Conference Room (1st floor, Smart-Aging Building).


We need research to improve our understanding of opportunities for prevention, especially in the early detection of dementia. Giving dementia higher priority also means capturing the great collective wisdom of caregivers in a more systematic way, learning from each other and to develop and implement better dementia plans as there is no other disease that has such a profound effect on loss of function, loss of independence, and the urgent need for care. There is also no other disease so deeply dreaded by anyone who wants to age gracefully and with dignity.

“I can think of no other disease where innovation, including breakthrough discoveries, is so badly needed to develop a cure…”
Ryuta Kawashima

Dementia places such a heavy burden on families, communities, and societies. Smart-aging comes hand in hand to fight dementia and this symposium will bring together some of the greatest minds to find innovative ways to fight this disease.

The Agenda:
13:00 Opening Remarks

13:10 Introduction of the Smart-Aging Research Center (S.A.R.C.), by Executive Director Ryuta Kawashima

13:30 Lecture 1: Development of the brain seen from large-scale brain image database to bridge the latest brain science discoveries to benefit society, by Professor Yasuyuki Taki

14:00 Lecture 2: Applying advanced information technology for the welfare of humanity, by Professor Makoto Yoshizawa

14:30 BREAK

14:50 Lecture 3: Predictions of the world’s socio-economic status in 2045, by Professor Hiroshi Yoshida

15:20 Lecture 4: Immuno-specific age-related disease research and its application to fight dementia, by Professor Koetsu Ogasawara

15:50 Closing Remarks by Deputy Director Hozumi Motohashi