Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University

My place in Sendai
My life in Sendai

I am Keyvan, and nice talking to you.
I did research in brain research lab, Kawashima lab in IDAC. I found it good environment especially for foreigners. The main meeting in our lab was in English, which is quite rare in Japan. Also, IDAC as a whole is trying to improve the English skills of members and they have even recruited a native speaker as English teacher.
We also had a dedicated MRI and also MEG machine for research, and quite flexible lab regulations for using them. Also, if you need any extra equipment for your research they provide it for you.
The dean of IDAC is professor Kawashima, the famous scientist behind the famous brain developing Nintendo games. As a dean he is quite young and flexible and will listen to you and support you in various ways. He also collaborates with many major Japanese industries, which make the environment more interesting, if you show interest.

Let me also tell you some stuff about Sendai in General. I lived here for 12 years in Sendai and one year in Tokyo. If you are interested in nature and like activities such as snowboard, surfing or BBQ, Sendai is quite comfortable. Within an hour you can go to Ski resorts in winter or surfing in summer. You can do BBQ in many places along the river, almost within the city. My house for example, is 1 min from river and I have done BBQ with my friends there every summer. It is also 15 min walk from downtown and 30 min walk from the university campus.


One bad thing for some people about Sendai is that it is not a crazy crowded city like Tokyo where everyday there are lots of events going on. For people who love things like clubbing, it is also not very good. To be honest, after 12 years here, this is a major drawback because I ran out of new things. But, this should not be a big problem if you don’t plan to live here as long as I did. The good side of this is that, you never feel you are suffocated in a crowd. You can go around easily in Sendai, especially because you can buy a second hand car or bike. Basically, because there is not a crazy traffic going on and things are close to each other, you can do several things in one day. You can work even a bit overtime in your lab, go to gym, go to a second activity (salsa dancing in my case), then go to a bar to see your friends and then go home (I have actually done this). In big cities, you will spend so much time in train that doing all of this in one day is going to be quite hard. This also means that Sendai is cheaper to live in.

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