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Holiday English Cafe
27  The 2015 Holiday English Cafe that was held on December 17th at the newly constructed GLOBAL room was nothing short of a success. The event brought together members from across many labs and many countries as well. Just to mention, IDAC consists of more than 20 foreign members from countries such as Bangladesh, China, France, India, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA, and Vietnam; and, through events such as the Holiday English Cafe, members get a chance to mingle with fiends and at the same time, meet new members in a very casual and comfortable environment.
 First off, a special THANK YOU to Kelssy Kawata for making lots of super-delicious Brazilian nut-puddings for all the attendees to enjoy! Nomnomnomnomnom...!
 From here onwards, the GLOBAL room will provide all IDAC members with specialized programs (in mainly English) to develop useful long-term skills & techniques for both personal and professional growth. To achieve this, the Global room will host several specific courses to enhance the learning and working experience of all IDAC members from target specific lesson such as TOEIC, Business, Presentation, Pronunciation, Travel & Socializing, Music and Pop Culture, Writing and News & Current Affairs.
 Moreover, the GLOBAL room will not only host seasonal English cafes and clubs such as the Journal Club, Global Language Exchange and Women Only English Club, but the space will also be used to host short theme-based workshops like making icing cookies during Valentines and scented candles for the winter Holidays.
 According to Sachi, IDAC's very own resident English Instructor, "the new GLOBAL room was the perfect venue for this year's Holiday English Cafe and I look forward to teaching my classes and holding lots of activities in here! I'm so glad that the GLOBAL room is now open for everyone to enjoy and I look forward to the start of the Global Curriculum in January 2016!"


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