Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University



Human brain imaging database

Here we conduct research on development and aging of human brain, using our brain MR image database of 2,700 healthy Japanese people, aged 6-80 years. We are accumulating data on Wistar-type rat brain MR images by using a high-resolution 7T-MRI device for small animals.

Database on Thorotrast Patients in Japan

This is the database for thorotrast disease in Japan.

Cell Line Catalog

Japanese Only.

List of the transplantable carcinoma cells available in Japan

Japanese Only.
平成17年改訂 第14版
文部科学省『がん研究の総合的推進に関する研究』 総合がん 資材委員会
東北大学加齢医学研究所 医用細胞資源センター編集

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