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IDAC Seminar, 26 March 2014

Secretariat, Alumni Association, IDAC
Date Wednesday, 26 March 2014, 17:30~
Room Seminar-shitsu 1, IDAC Research building 7F
Title GATA factor regulation of HSC homeostasis and T cell development.
Speaker Prof. James Douglas Engel
Affiliation University of Michigan
Person-in-charge Hozumi Motohashi Dept. Gene Expression Regulation (ex:8550)
Abstract GATA transcription factors are known to be critical regulators of many aspects of hematopoiesis, and yet we continue to unveil new functions for these important regulatory proteins even more than two decades after their original discovery. GATA2 and GATA3 have both recently been shown to contribute to HSC homeostasis, and the molecular mechanisms that specify the two very different activities that are executed by the two proteins are yielding to continued molecular genetic analysis. Further, GATA3 has been known for more than a decade to be essential for several aspects of T cell development, and recent studies from our lab have demonstrated that GATA3 is a master regulator of T lymphopoiesis; i.e. no T cells are generated in its absence. Very recent analysis of the molecular mechanisms executed by GATA3 in T cells have revealed startling new observations, perhaps providing initial glimpses into how one of the oldest problems in immunology, allelic exclusion, is achieved.