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Seminars and Symposia

IDAC Seminar, 11 November 2013

Secretariat, Alumni Association, IDAC
Date Monday,11 November 2013, 17:00~18:30
Room Smart Aging Research Building International Conference Room
Title Mitochondrial vesicles, quality control and the links to degenerative disease
Speaker Heidi McBride
Affiliation Montreal Neurological Institute McGill University
Person-in-charge Hisanori Horiuchi Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Abstract Dynamic behavior of the mitochondria within cells is important to ensure energy distribution, however this plasticity has also been shown to play a critical role in mitochondrial quality control. These recent discoveries help explain why genetic mutations in the genes that regulate mitochondrial dynamics often lead to degenerative diseases. For example, the rapid hyperfusion of mitochondria during cellular stress provides protection against apoptosis and autophagy. On the other hand, the fission and isolation of dysfunctional mitochondrial fragments allow their selective removal through a Parkin-dependent pathway of mitophagy. Our group recently identified a vesicular pathway where mitochondrial vesicles carry oxidized proteins directly to the late endosome for degradation. Expanding from these examples of fusion, fission and vesicle formation, I will discuss our most recent advances into the molecular mechanisms that regulate mitochondrial dynamics, focusing on the molecular integration of the mitochondrial response within cellular stress paradigms.