Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University


Department of Project Programs

Professor(Additional) Ryuta KAWASHIMA
Associate Professor Syunntaro IKAWA
Senior Assistant Professor Masashi TAKAO
Associate Professor(Additional) Wataru SHOJI

Department of Project Programs was constructed as a reorganization of IDAC for aiming special projects in aging research. At the start of the program, April, 2011, five projects are selected and to be promoted.


Elucidation of signaling pathways involving p53 anti-oncogene family molecules

TAKAO Group(Research Details)

TAKAO Group is a study of circulating tumor cells (CTC). CTC in peripheral blood became an important predictive and prognostic biomarker for cancer in the last decade. The aim of this project is an establishment of intact CTC enumeration and analysis procedure (iCeap) with developing of medical materials and automation of iCeap that can be applicable for flow cytometry or imaging cytometry. IDAC will provide unique and practical technology on the quantification and qualification of CTC.


SHOJI Group is aiming inter-disciplined research between cellular function and metabolism. Roles of metabolites from cholesterol synthesis are subjected to re-evaluation using developmental biology techniques. In the beginning of this project, we focus on protection from neural degeneration and inhibition of pathological angiogensis, which will lead to regulation of age-related diseases.

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