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Research Area

Overcoming intractable cancers

病態臓器構築研究分野 Dept. Pathology
Professor:Manabu FUKUMOTO
E-mail: fukumoto@idac.
Phone: 022-717-8507
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Research Topics
  • Development of more effective cancer therapy
  • Analysis of clinically relevant radioresistance of cancer cells
  • Molecular diagnosis of human cancers
  • Quantification and methematical simulation of morphological changes
  • Analysis of molecular changes behind pathological states

  • 腫瘍循環研究分野 Dept. Vascular Biology
    Professor:Yasufumi SATO
    E-mail: y-sato@idac.
    Phone: 022-717-8532
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    Research Topics
  • Molecular mechanism of angiogenesis
  • Relationship between tumor growth/metastasis and tumor angiogenesis
  • Endothelium-derived regulators for vascular development
  • Mechanism for endothelial cell senescence
  • Stress tolerance of endothelial cells for organ protection
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    分子腫瘍学研究分野 Dept. Molecular Oncology
    Professor:Kozo TANAKA
    E-mail: k.tanaka@idac.
    Phone: 022-717-8491
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    Research Topics
  • Mechanism of proper chromosome segregation in human cells
  • Mechanism of cell death by anti-mitotic drugs
  • Mechanism of oncogenesis derived from chromosomal abnormality
  • Process of chromosome capture by microtubules observed by live-cell imaging
  • Mechanism of mitotic regulation in budding yeast
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    腫瘍生物学分野 Dept. Cancer_Biology
    Professor:Natsuko CHIBA
    E-mail: nchiba@idac.
    Phone: 022-717-8477
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    Research Topics
  • Regulatory mechanism of cell division by breast cancer-related molecules.
  • Response of tumor suppressor molecules to DNA damage.
  • Regulatory mechanism of genome integrity
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    臨床腫瘍学分野 Dept. Clinical Oncology
    Professor:Chikashi ISHIOKA
    E-mail: chikashi@idac.
    Phone: 022-717-8543
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    Research Topics
  • Research for molecular-target finding of cancer
  • Research for molecular marker of cancer
  • Research for molecular markers with clinical trials
  • Research for cancer risk evaluation and familial cancer
  • Clinical research for anticancer drugs
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    呼吸器外科学分野 Dept. Thoracic Surgery
    Professor:Takashi KONDO
    E-mail: -
    Phone: 022-717-8521
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    Research Topics
  • Lung transplantation; lung preservation, rejection, and denervation physiology
  • Early detection of lung cancers and assessment of lung cancer mass screening
  • Molecular biological approach for carcinogenesis of lung cancers
  • Investigation of the mechanism and treatment of ARDS and hypoxia-induced lung injury, including interaction, adhesion and signaling between neutrophil and endothelial cell
  • Cellular and molecular functional assessment of alveolar lining cells
  • Surgical treatment for chest diseases, including lung cancer and mediastinal tumor
  • Minimum invasive thoracic surgery (i.e., thoracoscopic surgery)
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