Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University


Institute for Experimental Animals(Division of Tumor Animals)

Head (Add. post) Natsuko Chiba , PhD
Chief Technical Staff Yoshihiro Inoue , PhD
Technical Staff Takashi Ishibashi
Technical Staff Yohei Kudo
Technical Staff Shuichi Sasaki
Technical Assistant Chiyo Takanashi
Technical Assistant Manami Shiraishi
Technical Assistant Yasuko Sato
Homepage of This Laboratory

Our Facility has been established in March, 1980, and the area of the four-story building (main facility) is 757 m2, and a new facility (the former Cell Resource Center; 411 m2) has been connected with a passageway at the second story. Also, a quarantine room has been set up inside the Seiryo Total Research Project building. Our facility is used to study intractable diseases, including cancer and degenerative brain diseases, in relation to aging. In recent years, we have dealt with increasingly large numbers of genetically engineered animals such as transgenic or gene-targeted mice. We are continuously improving our sanitation systems such as disinfection and sterilization to prevent any accidental contamination of pathogens. In addition, numerous clean racks for animal breeding have been set in our facility. Needless to say, our facility accepts solely the SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) animals. We carry out periodical microbiological monitoring tests (4 times a year), and we are strengthening more sophisticated quarantine system in our facility. The purpose of this facility is to supply nicely-qualified laboratory animals under suitable genetic, environmental and pathological controls. The reliability and reproducibility of each experimental data are thus obtained. The official regulations for animal experiments were newly established in Tohoku University on Jun, 2007, and has been enforced officially from Oct, 2007. Accordingly we are making efforts to carry out ethical animal experimentation and are managing the animals in consideration of the 3 Rs conception (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement).

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