Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University

Joint Research Program


1. Venue: Center for Smart-Aging Research (Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer).
2. Program Date: April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2022.
3. Program overview.
At IDAC, we focus on the basic mechanisms of aging: maturing from birth to life, aging to death; as well as to control age-related brain diseases and neurological disorders such as dementia by applying our research results. Moreover, we aim to overcome age-related diseases such as cancer and intractable diseases by focusing on developing advanced prevention methods, diagnosis, and treatment with innovative medical equipment. Our ultimate goal is the health and longevity of Japan's super-aged society through the joint research program, with IDAC as the center of both local and international research in the field of Aging Medicine.

We mainly concentrate on five areas of study to promote collaborative research: 1) Aging research using the animal model, 2) Basic research of aging and biological defense, 3) Study of tumor control, 4) Brain development research, and 5) Innovation and development of medical equipment. In addition, we look forward to the globalization of the institute through strengthening human resource development, creating new research fields, and bringing together different points of views to strengthen each other's goals. Our combined efforts will help to contribute and to achieve the realization of a 'smart-aging' society, not only in Japan, but the also the world's aging society.