Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University


Institue MAP

Layout of the facility
(1) Center for Basic Aging Research
(2) Center for Clinical Aging Research
(3) Laboratory for Advanced Frontiers Research
(4) International Center for Smart Ageing Research
(5) Brain Dynamics Research Building
(6) Brain Imaging Research Building
(7) Parking

Details of each building

(1)Center for Basic Aging Research

Floor West side East side
8F - -
7F Conference Room Dept. Cancer Biology
Seminar Room 1,2
Small Conference Room
6F Dept. Pathology Dept. Project Programs
5F Dept. Vascular Biology Dept. Experimental Immunology
4F Dept. Molecular and Cellular Biology Div. Dynamic Proteome in Aging and Cancer
Center for Gene Research
3F Div. Anti-Infective Agents Dept. Metabolism
2F Dept. Biomedical Measurements Dept. Gene Expression Regulation
Dept. Project Programs
1F Dept. Immunobiology Center of Research Instruments

(2)Center for Clinical Aging Research

5F (Graduate School of Medicine)
4F Div. Neuro-Imaging
(Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center)
3F Dept. Thoracic Surgery
Dept. Geriatrics and Gerontology
2F Dept. Clinical Oncology
Div. Geriatric Pharmacotherapy
1F Dept. Developmental Neurobiology
Cell Resource Center for Biomedical Research
Information Network Room
Reference Room
Director Room
Administration Office
Medium-size Conference Room
BF -

(3)Laboratory for Advanced Frontiers Research

1F Dept. Molecular Oncology

(4)International Center for Smart Ageing Research

6F Smart Ageing Square
5F Dept. Medical Engineering and Cardiology
4F Dept. Nuclear Medicine and Radiology
3F Dept. Functional Brain Imaging
2F Smart Ageing International Research Center
Div. Cognitive Neuroscience
1F International Conference Room

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