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NIRS systems(Nearinfrared spectroscopy)

NIRS can measure oxygenated hemoglobin change and deoxygenated hemoglobin change using the difference in near-infrared absorption due to hemoglobin’s level of oxygenation. Unlike fMRI, the subject’s head does not need to be fixed to an experimental bed. Therefore, NIRS can measure brain activity when a subject is in motion in a natural environment. At IDAC, we have two NIRS machines (ETG100 and ETG4000 made by the Hitachi-Medical Corporation Ltd.)With them we can measure two subjects simultaneously (Fig. 1). We also have a portable type NIRS (prototype model, Fig.2) making outdoor measurement of brain activity possible.

Measurement using NIRS (Simultaneous recording from 2 subjects)

Measurement using NIRS

Portable type NIRS (Produced by Hitachi, Ltd., Advanced Research Laboratory)

Portable type NIRS

Brain activation while writing, measured by NIRS

Brain activation during handwriting measured by NIRS

Ultra Small 2ch NIRs

Ultra Small 2ch NIRs

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