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7T-MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging)

This machine is designed for MRI application on small animals such as mice and rats. MRI neuroimaging modality is used not only to study basic neuroscience, but also in the fields of pharmaceutical and genetic research. The 7T PharmaScan is equipped with two types of quadrature resonator coils (38mm for the brain and 60mm for the body) and has a maximum gradient of 300mT/m. As is the case with our human 3T MRI, all standard MRI applications (e.g. fMRI, ASL, angiography, DTI and spectroscopy) are regularly available. In addition to the MRI scanner, peripheral equipment such as an electric stimulator, animal ventilator, end-tidal CO2 monitor, MRI-compatible pulse-oximeter, and ECG/respiration/temperature monitor are available. We completed installation of the 7T-MRI in March of 2009. Since then, we have launched several collaborations in and outside of Tohoku University.



Images of a Rat Brain


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