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2PLSM(Two Photon Laser Scanning Microscope)

2PLSM allows us to observe microstructures and the activities of neurons, glial cells and vessels. The advantages of two-photon excitation over one-photon excitation are lessened invasiveness and high tissue permeability due to the use of an infra-red femtosecond pulse laser as a luminous source. 2PLSM is applicable to in vivo imaging of brain areas deeper than a few hundred micrometers from the surface tissue, as well as the imaging of tissue slices. With our custom-made stereotaxic system for the fixation of rodent brains, imaging of layers II/III of the cerebral cortex can be performed. The devices for the patch-clamp are also resourced for the concurrent recording system of electrical activity and fluorescent imaging. Furthermore, it is possible to record neuronal activity simultaneously with photostimulation in our 2PLSM system by using two lasers, one for imaging and the other for stimulation.

Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscope (FV1000MPE), Olympus


Mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser.


  • Front side: Maitai, Spectra-Physics (wavelength range: 690-1020nm)
  • Back side: Chameleon, COHERENT (wavelength: 720nm)

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