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256ch Extracellular Recording System

We have a Multi-channel Neurophysiology workstation for recording electrophysiological activity in the brain. We can record extra-cellular potential with RZ2 and PZ2 made by TDT.

RZ2 has eight CPUs, and can run several real-time processes at once (e.g. on-line filtering). RZ2 receives signals from PZ2 and transports them to a desk-top PC with optical cables. This system can record more than just multi-channels (50kHz maximum sample rate). Additionally the system has an 8ch D/A and an A/D converter, 24bit programmable digital I/O port, and two 16ch inputs (25kHz maximum sample rate) on the front panel.

PZ2 can record multi-channels (256ch maximum) and has a 50kHz maximum sample rate, these help to analyze and sort high-frequency spiking activity. TDT's custom 18-bit hybrid A/D architecture offers the advantages of Sigma-Delta converters at a significantly lower power. This pre-amplifier has two batteries, each of which can work for 8 hours which is long enough to record neuronal activity. This system can be connected to a head-stage (TDT) and a multi-channel electrode array (NeuroNexus) making it possible to record the extra-cellular potentials in the somato-sensory, auditory and visual cortices. However, these systems are unfortunately not able to record intra-cellular potentials.

Multi-channel Neurophysiology Workstation (PZ2、RZ2)


Overview of extra-cellular recording room


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