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3T-MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging)

3.0T-MRI measures the brain activities by detecting signals generated due to altered regional blood flow in the brain generated by a high magnetic field.

NIRS systems(Nearinfrared spectroscopy)

NIRS can measure oxygenated hemoglobin change and deoxygenated hemoglobin change using differences in near-infrared absorption due to the level of oxygenation of hemoglobin.


The magnetoencephalograph (MEG) system is a leading-edge device to measure the extremely weak magnetic fields generated by the brain activity.


EEGmeasures brain activities with very high temporal resolution (on the millisecond time scale) by recording on the scalp overall electrical activities of a number of neurons in the cerebral cortex.

7T-MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging)

This machine is designed for MRI applications on small animals such as mice and rats.

2PLSM(Two Photon Laser Scanning Microscope)

2PLSM allows us to observe microstructures and activities of neurons, glial cells and vessels.

256ch Extracellular Recording System

We have Multi-channel Neurophysiology workstation to record the electrophysiological activity in a brain.