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Rat brain image database

We are gathering T2-weigthed images of rats(Wistar strain) by using a high-resolution 7T-MRI which is designed for small animals. From these image data, we are constructing the average brain atlas of rats.

By matching an individual rat's brain image with this atlas, we can identify small areas of the brain precisely.

Wistar Rat MRI Atlas

Data sets of Wistar rat MRI template, atlas, probabilistic masks and MATLAB toolkits are available for research use.

Brief Description of the template set
T2 Template, Atlas and Probability Maps
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Valdes PA, Sumiyoshi A, Nonaka H, Haga R, Aubert E, Ogawa T, Iturria Y, Riera JJ, Kawashima R
"An in vivo MRI template set for morphometry, tissue segmentation and fMRI localization in rats"
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 5:26, 2011

Multicompartmental Model for Neurons

MATLAB codes for new theoretical model for neuron are available.

How to use
Download the "KAI_codes.rar" and decompress it. You will find the MATLAB codes, NEURON codes and a PDF manuscript. Please follow the process in the manuscript and test the codes.
Download KAI_codes (17 MB)
Wang K, Riera J, Enjieu-Kadji H, Kawashima R
The role of the extracellular conductivity profiles in the compartmental models for neurons: Particulars for layer 5 pyramidal cells "Neural Computation (in press), 2012"
Neural Computation (in press)