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Human brain magnetic resonance imaging database


We have five large brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) databases consisting of scans from over 2,500 healthy Japanese subjects aged from 5 to 80 years. In addition, one database (AOBA2) is constructed applying a longitudinal design.

Using these MRI databases, we have analyzed the correlation among brain volume, age, several cerebrovascular risk factors, and several cognitive functions. We are revealing the mechanisms of normal brain development and aging using these brain MR databases.

Project age range number of subject MRI protocol
AOBA 12-81 1637 T1WI, PDWI, T2WI
AOBA2 18-87 381 T1WI
TRGY1 69-75 110 T1WI, PDWI, T2WI
TRGY2 69-87 223 T1WI, PDWI, T2WI
NASDAC 5-18 300 T1WI, etc

Contact for collaboration

Dept. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (AOBA1, AOBA2, TRGY1, TRGY2)
Division of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (NASDAC)